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At Dvorak Law Group, our real estate lawyers and property lawyers have extensive experience in the challenges and opportunities that real estate matters present to our clients. Our law offices are located in Omaha and Hastings, but our clients and their projects are located all over the Midwest and beyond. Our real estate lawyers can utilize our expertise to help you in the following areas:

Commercial Development and Economic Incentives

Our real estate lawyer team is familiar with and has an emphasis on commercial development, including mixed-use residential and commercial development projects, shopping center development projects, redevelopment projects and complex assemblages.  In connection with representation on commercial development projects, our team has experience in a variety of economic incentives related to real-estate development and real estate law. We have assisted clients in qualifying their projects for the following tax and financing mechanisms: Angel Investor tax credits, federal historic rehabilitation tax credits, tax increment financing, and municipal incentive programs. A real estate lawyer can help you with the taxation and financing for your commercial developmental projects.

Acquisitions and Sales

Closing doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Having a real estate lawyer present for the process will ensure you get the most out of your real estate transactions. Our property lawyers and real estate lawyers are experienced in all facets of a deal lifecycle and have the depth of experience in representing both buyers and sellers in complex real estate transactions. Our integrated team can assist in legal issues in acquisitions and sales that span multiple practice areas, including acquisition financing and real estate as a component of mergers and acquisitions.

Construction Law

Anticipating and addressing issues before they arise is crucial to the success of a construction project, and we have the know-how to help our clients from the design stage to completion. Our real estate lawyers negotiate and draft AIA contracts on behalf of both owners and contractors. We can also step in to assist clients with construction-related disputes.

Real Estate Finance and Investments

Our real estate lawyer team is familiar with a wide variety of financing arrangements used for real estate transactions. We review and negotiate loans, seller financing, bank financing, life insurance/institution financing on behalf of owners and borrowers. In addition, we are also experienced in starting private equity funds for real estate investments, including preparation of structuring documents, entity formation and ensuring compliance with securities law.


There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter lease. Our real estate lawyers and property lawyers recognize that every situation is different, and are prepared to assist our clients in negotiating and drafting leases for a wide variety of contexts including commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Our detail-oriented, individually driven approach enables us to identify issues specific to individual clients and help them fully understand the terms of their lease. Our real estate lawyer team is prepared and experienced to help you through your leasing process. We represent both landlords and tenants on the local, regional, and national levels.

Oil & Gas

As counsel to producers of all sizes, our real estate lawyer team uses their expertise to help both our clients with this complex area of the law. Our real estate lawyers have represented producers and landowners in the negotiation of oil and gas leases, preparation of drilling and division title opinions, and negotiating/drafting transaction documents.

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